Sonja Headings Professional Dog Breeder & Show Hanlers of Summerville, Missouri


Breeding to the Standard of Excellence.

Sonja Headings Professional Dog Breeder and Show Handler: About Us

History: Sonja Headings is a professional dog breeder and dog show handler of Summerville, MO.  Sonja Headings' Kennels is located in the beautiful open countryside of rural Missouri. All of our wonderful puppy's Mothers and Fathers have been screened and certified free of one or more genetic defects.  Sonja Headings has earned the cove 5 Star Breeder Certification and 2015-16 Achievement of Excellence Award from the American Canine Association, Inc.
All puppies are registered with the American Canine Association (ACA), International Canine Association (ICA), or the American Kennel Club (AKC).